There is a wide range of benefits to buying handmade jewelry instead of going to a large, national retailer. It’s more than just buying something that looks nice. You’re buying the artists love, passion, and story all in one thing. Below, we have outlined some of the major reasons to buy unique, handmade jewelry.

Personal Style

If jewelry is all about establishing your personal style, then handmade is the way to go. If you go to a large retailer, you run the risk of having the same piece of jewelry as someone else. Large retailers also need to stick to a certain look and feel to make sure it gets sold. Handmade jewelry artists have the freedom to make something truly creative.


Competing with national retailers is no easy task. Handmade jewelry artists understand this all too well. It’s difficult to get up and running without the extra help and marketing of a large retailer. To get people’s attention and overcome long odds, you have to be passionate and make something truly eye-catching.

It’s Completely Unique

Because it’s handmade, no two are exactly alike in any way. It’s not mass produced and is carefully crafted in every way. You’ll be the only person who has it. It also guarantees that no one else will give the same gift as you. The jewelry industry makes a lot of money on promoting the idea that you’re buying something rare when in actuality it could very well be mass produced. A handmade piece of jewelry is truly rare because it’s one of a kind!

It’s more affordable

If you go to a large retailer, a lot of the markup has to do with with the advertising and the name of the designer. You won’t get that with handmade jewelry designers. Most of them do it as a hobby or simply because they love doing it. This keeps the markup much lower for something that is completely unique.

Support local artists and small business

Even when you buy on a site like Etsy, you’re still supporting independent, local artists and small businesses.


Buying handmade jewelry ensures that you care about the environment. It doesn’t come along with the additional waste that the factories produce to go along with it. Because they aren’t created with machines, there is less electricity used which means it’s more sustainable.We are at a point where going green isn’t a trendy thing, it’s a requirement. It’s time to embrace the green movement at every level with everything we do every single day!

Human Rights

You don’t have to worry about where the jewelry came from if you buy handmade. Oftentimes, large jewelry retailers walk the fine line of violating human rights by outsourcing labor to other companies. By using labor in other countries they can get around strict US laws against sweatshop-type conditions. You’re taking money away from corporations that take advantage of laws in other countries and putting it into the pocket of people who actually care about what they do.

Higher Quality

Most people have had to deal with buying cheap, quickly produced jewelry that causes skin reactions and discoloration. Handmade jewelry is usually made from higher quality materials so it will last longer and you can avoid unexpected skin rashes as well. Local artists aren’t trying to cut corners to hit a quota. Smaller scale production is always higher quality as most of the people making it consider it an art and not something to push through an assembly line.

It comes with a Unique Story

When you buy handcrafted jewelry, it comes with a unique story behind it. Our artist Judy Scott spent almost 30 years in corporate America. Once she left, she decided to pursue her passion. In this case, it was making jewelry. What’s so unique about this story is that she lost more than 70% of her eyesight! That hasn’t gotten in the way of her making some truly breathtaking pieces of jewelry.