While we’d love for you to buy handmade jewelry from purrfect creation, some people enjoy making their own as well. Learning to make jewelry isn’t always as easy as it looks. You have to love to do it as it takes a lot of practice to get it just right. Before you jump into the world of handmade jewelry, there are a few things you should take into consideration.

What interests you the most?

Find something that interests you and that you’re passionate about. Do you love horses? Learn how to make horse-specific jewelry. What about sharks? Creating shark jewelry could be something you’d truly enjoy. At purrfect creation, we enjoy cats so much a lot of our jewelry are inspired by our current or former feline companions. That doesn’t mean that you have to make cat jewelry to be successful. Take your time to figure out something you enjoy making and stick to it. It can be beaded jewelry, wooden jewelry, metal jewelry, gold jewelry or anything else you’ve ever thought about making.

Get really good at a few things

If you’re going to be a great jewelry maker, it’s important to master a few key skills. What are those skills? It again depends on what you enjoy doing the most. It can be working with beads, metal, wood, or the wiring that the beads go on. Whatever it is, choose a few things and stick to them every step of the way. Trying to do too much means you could burn yourself and give up. Remember, while this could make you a lot of money, it’s also meant to be a creative outlet and something you have fun doing.

Get good tools

If you’re just starting out, it may be tempting to try and save money on the tools. I don’t blame anyone who does this but a great set of jewelry making tools can be the difference between sticking with it and giving up! The better your tools are, the smoother the process to make the jewelry will be and it will be more fun as well. Jewelry making is supposed to be a creative, fun outlet. It will actually save you money to get good tools because it will save you time as well. It goes back to having fun. If you’re frustrated with your current set of tools and they aren’t helping you do a good job then whats the point of even making jewelry? Spend a little more to ensure your tools are comfortable to use and make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Create an Organized Work Space

So you bought all the tools, you’ve cleared some time and have all the materials necessary to get started but where are you going to make the jewelry? Having a dedicated space you can escape to and focus on your craft will ensure you see your projects all the way through. It’s not in your best interest to make jewelry while watching your favorite TV show or making dinner. You’ll do your best work when you’ve shut out all the distraction and can focus on creating the best piece of jewelry possible.

Find Inspiration

You didn’t get into jewelry making just because. What most likely happened is that you saw other pieces or even bought some for yourself and were inspired to do it yourself. Find a few websites you can keep checking into for inspiration. Pinterest is a fantastic place to get started. Find a favorite blogger who is already successful and learn about how they got their start. Share their stuff on social media as well.

If you’d like inspiration, check out some of our handcrafted Jewelry for yourselves.