More and more people are buying handmade jewelry than ever before. Why? There are multiple reasons but some of the biggest ones are:

  1. It’s completely unique
  2. it’s sustainable and green
  3. It supports human rights

While Purrfect Creation jewelry is completely handmade and fully supports this trend, there are certain tips you should follow when shopping for this type of jewelry. Not all handmade jewelry is created equal. Below we have outlined some tips for buying handmade jewelry.


Make sure the material that it’s created with is of the utmost quality. There is nothing worse than buying a new piece of jewelry only to watch it fall apart after only wearing it a few times. The wire and/or strings on your jewelry are very very important. There are multiple different types of strings and not every jewelry artisan uses the best quality.


Most handcrafted jewelers live and die by their reviews. Whether they are on Etsy or have a website, they will have reviews somewhere. Check these reviews and take them all into consideration before making the purchase.

Learn about the store

Millions of people are getting into the handmade jewelry space. That doesn’t mean they will all be of good quality. More than anything, you should understand the “why” behind that person’s passion for jewelry. If they are doing it because they have a true love of jewelry making then that maybe a person you want to buy from.


The more information that jeweler provides the better. The less information they provide the more you may want to avoid them. What kind of information are you looking for? The background story of how they got into jewelry making, the materials they use and how long they’ve been doing it are all great starts.

Analyze the Images

Descriptions are nice but you’ll want to take a long look at the images as well. Look at the pictures and see if it matches your personal style. One of a kind, handmade jewelry can really enhance someones personal style so you’ll want to see if it matches up with yours.