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rainbow catThank you for visiting PurrfectCreation.com, offering unique, affordable, handmade jewelry for the budget minded consumer. Artisan and designer Judy Scott has hand crafted each of these unique and unusual pieces with you in mind. There is an unusual and unique piece of jewelry suited for all needs and budgets. We want you to find a beautiful handmade jewelry piece that fits your style and personality without worrying about it costing an arm and a leg. If you like our jewelry, we think they make beautiful gifts. We try to keep reasonable prices so you can give to others and spoil yourself a little too!

We also have a section that is devoted to those of us who think cats are very special companions and have welcomed them into our lives. The cat earrings are my unusual and unique design, and this website is the only place that you will find these. I received a copyright in 2008 for the designs of the earrings.

Simply navigate around the site to see what suits your interest. If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us to see what we could do for you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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About Judy

Judy ScottHi I’m Judy Scott, your jewelry designer. I founded Purrfect Creations, and work in my Atlanta based studio specializing in the creation of unique artesan jewelry designs and cat inspired jewelry. After spending 29 years in corporate America, I decided to retire and devote myself full time to designing jewelry and I’ve been creating jewelry for over 15 years.

How did I get started making jewelry?

Well, my love of jewelry making began many years ago when I took my first course in jewelry making. I just love working with the tools, wire, and beads to design unusual and beautiful pieces that can’t be found anywhere else! After taking a class, I went on to teach jewelry making for several years before devoting my time to designing hand-crafted, affordable, and unusual pieces. I am continually expanding my horizon of different styles and designs along with new techniques in jewelry making so that you may find something that calls just to you.

I’m losing my eyesight but I’m still making jewelry.

I’ve been diagnosed with retina Pigmentosa. That means I have lost more than 70 percent of my vision and have difficulty performing basic tasks of daily living. I can barely read, no longer drive, and have difficulty recognizing faces and objects. Eventually full blindness will occur.

Even in my blindness the stones, beads, crystals, charms and all the finishing pieces call to me. I make my jewelry from feel and 15 years of experience. I have a few helpers who make sure I have the right colors all together and make sure the finished piece is purrrrrrr…fect.

If you choose to buy one of my creations please know that your purchase helps me stay active and able to live independently and I thank you form the bottom of my heart!

What about my cat and animal inspired jewelry?

About Judy ScottI absolutely love cats, and I grew up loving and bonding with them. When I started designing jewelry, often I used them as my inspiration. And in my blindness they comfort me. I even honored them with the name of my website, “Purrfect Creation.” My first cat was a black and white kitty named Miss Puff. Then there was Charlie and now, I have my Rudey cat. Rudey likes to help me with my jewelry making and is always at my side. He is my alpha kitty.

Handmade Jewelry Available Locally

If you’re in the Atlanta area and you’d like to touch and feel the jewelry before you buy, Purrfect Creation has an booth in the Marietta Antique Market. Come in and look at the cat earrings, drop earrings, crystal necklaces, cat figurines and other trinkets before you buy.

Crystal And Cultured Pearl Beaded Necklace

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